Superintendent Chalmers: Atheist


I remember the first time I saw this episode…many, many years ago when I was attending University.

I roared with laughter when Chalmer’s made this comment. It’s well known that the creator of the show is an Atheist but when this comment was first made it was shocking to hear someone say it on television.

Then Chalmers fired Flanders as Principal of Springfield Elementary for saying a prayer in school. He then called Flanders “God Boy” when firing him as principal… total badass.



Immortal inspiration


A short while ago, a young lady asked me why I don’t let up?

Why must I keep arguing and not just agree to disagree?

When asked that, I simply smiled to and told her that I would never be a spectator to unfairness or stupidity and neither should she. That we should always seek out argument for it’s own sake.

We owe it to those who argued before us and those who can’t argue for themselves today. I do it for me, for my sons, for future generations and for Hitch.


At the Bread Bar


I had a lunch date at his lovely little place on Locke Street in Hamilton, Ontario a few days ago called the Bread Bar.

I had a pizza called the Vampire Slayer (see pizza with whole cloves of grilled garlic) and my date had the Mac & Cheese which was off the hook! Any Mac & Cheese with bacon is amazing. Loved hitting the Bread Bar and I can’t wait to go back soon.

Highly recommended as the food and service were amazing!