Genocide as a learning experience? Seriously?


This is something I always found rather confusing. The story of an all knowing God getting upset about something that he/she/it should have seen coming and did nothing to change it. One of many questions I have concerning this story.

This story is one atheists like to poke at for several reasons, one of them being free will. God claims to let man make their own choices and then wipes them out because he doesn’t like what they do. Is that free will? Cause killing someone for not acting the way you want isn’t granting them freedom, it’s fear. Fear that your creator will drown you in the tub if you don’t act they way they want you to.

This is supposed to be an all good God too. Do all good almighty beings commit genocide? This is a subject that is worthy of a bit of debate. Beings who claim to be good would not be in favor of genocide, not one tiny bit. Yet here is God not only wiping out all of humanity with a great flood but also wiping out the animals for something they didn’t do. The animals are innocent but they must face God’s wrath anyway cause the Humans fucked everything up. That’s just madness… and it’s also bullshit.

Penguins didn’t wander to the middle east from the Artic. There is no evidence that the Kangaroo jumped across oceans to be at Noah’s Arc either. The reason is rather simple: this arc never existed. Neither did Noah. Ditto for God too. All pure, 100% bullshit.

We have actual evidence that proves this story is complete bullshit. Many people who support this drivel also claim that the world is less then 10,000 years old. There are currently trees on this planet that are not only more than 10K in years but the tree also shows no signs of this tree ever being part of a world wide flood. So not only does this tree proves that the world is more than 10,000 years old, it also proves that there was not a world wide flood during that time as well.

We also have fossils, of ancient humans as well as dinosaurs, that are way older than what religious folks claim is the age of the planet. So unlike our religious counterparts, we have evidence that disproves their claims. They have no evidence to back them up so it’s not unfair or unreasonable to call them on the bullshit that is this flood story.

But getting back to the subject at hand: an all good God committing genocide. That’s just something I can’t wrap my fragile noodle around. If your God is all good, he/she/it should be good enough to know that genocide is wrong. If this being thinks it’s okay to wipe out an entire species for the mistakes of a few bad apples, not to mention all the innocent animals, than this being, regardless whether it exists or not, can never be considered an all good being. Genocide is evil. It is monstrous. It is wrong regardless of who does it.





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