Why are women religious?


This is something that leaves my scratching my head; why do women follow and respect a religion that considers them inferior?

According to both the bible and the quaran, women are less valuable than men and should in some parts be totally sub servant to their male counterparts. This is outright sexism and it should not be tolerated in the 21st Century.

Women are not inferior or less than men. They are equal and it baffles me when I see women defending an institution that wouldn’t defend them or their rights.



Billboard Response #5


All right, this is one response I’ve been looking forward to responding to: these quotes don’t count cause that’s the old testament. We only follow the new testament! This is a very common response to quotes such as the ones posted on the billboards. I’ve heard someone try to use this argument during debates as well.

So allow me to start my retort by asking two simple questions:

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Beliefs can be dangerous


I thank you for your comment, despite the fact that I strongly disagree with it.

When people are knocking on my door to ‘spread the word of Jesus’ and pushing politicians to legislate their faith… we have a right, and some might say duty, to call out these religions and demand they pony up some evidence to back up their claims before they try to ram it down anyone’s throat.The religious need to be called out because they are not calling their faith a belief, they’re trying to say it’s historical fact, which there is no evidence to support.

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Billboard Response #3: Emily Elizabeth


Okay, now we have ourselves a ball game (cracks knuckles).

Someone made a detailed response to the billboard post I put up a few days ago and since the person made quite an effort (thank you) I will do the same out of respect for this person and their seemingly decent knowledge of the scripture. Should we be surprised that this kind of bold response came from a fellow English major? Not in the slightest.

So with that said, her words are in bold and my response is posted underneath. So.. let’s get started:

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They’re right. You’re wrong.


It’s hard to argue with this guys because they bring something to the table that no one else does… evidence. They have tons of it and the so called believers have none. Zero. Zippo. Ziltch.Natta. Squat.

If there was a single scrap of evidence that proved any of the above people wrong, then religion wouldn’t need to depend on faith. By definition, faith is believing in something in the absence of evidence. That is why I reject all religions, there is no evidence.

Until someone provides any evidence, this picture is accurate: they’re right and you are wrong.


Billboard Response #2


That’s the response many atheists get when we point out a very offensive part of the bible; you’re taking it out of context. What context is there that makes smashing a child’s head against a rock better? There is no context that would make that line any better. Killing children is wrong… even if God asks you to do it.

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