Atheist Billboards, reposted.

I never get tired of reposting this. Every quote you see above are actual texts from the Bible itself. These are just a few examples of the gruesome stuff your pastor never tells you about.


Nothing says all loving and all good like killing children…



One of many sexist quotes from the alleged good book. Women cannot have authority over men? Tell that to Hillary Clinton, who could be your next President.


This is beyond disgusting… the bible here actually condones rape.


Human trafficking and slavery. Is this your idea of morality?


Yeah, more peace and love from the good book.


Yeah, God insists that people are hung up to instill fear into their enemy. Just another example of things an all good, all loving God would never do. I’m pretty sure desecrating and disrespecting dead bodies is one of them…



Another passage that condones slavery, even selling your own children. But apparently God is all right with you selling your daughter, cause women are considered inferior.




Show no mercy, even to young children? Sure, whatever God.

All of these passages are in the bible and to me that is very upsetting. If you are unaware of these savage entries… perhaps you need to take a closer look rather than just the cherry picked verses you’re read every Sunday.



5 thoughts on “Atheist Billboards, reposted.

  1. And when they try to tell you, “That’s all Old Testament stuff, we don’t do that anymore,” roll out the book of Revelation and quote stuff like 9:18, “By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.”

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