Billboard Response #1


This is an interesting twist on the billboard post but I don’t think this Christian is getting the point. The point of the billboards is not to cherry pick but to expose Christians as the real cherry pickers. They do not hesitate to condemn homosexuality because their bible tells them so but the exact same book (Leviticus) also outlaws pork, shell fish, tattoos, gossiping and hundreds of other things this young lady and the majority of Christians choose to ignore.

If she has a tattoo, has ever eaten at Red Lobster or wears a shirt that is blended with more than one fabric, then according to her holy book she is violating God’s law. So if this person and countless Christians can disregard Leviticus, why can’t homosexuals?

That goes for the billboards as well. If God exists and the bible is the true word of the Lord, that means all those billboards are true gospels that are supposed to be obeyed. The bible is very specific about this in books of Pslam, James, John and Ephesians… it says follow all of it and not to cherry pick. So basically anyone who says they don’t follow certain parts of the book, they’re already in the doghouse with almighty sky daddy.

So yes, these quotes do negate the bible because it exposes it as the fascist, racist and sexist work that it is. It is no more the truth than the Quaran is representative of a religion of peace (which by the way it’s not. Islam is the most violent religion on the planet). The point of those billboards is to expose the hypocrisy of the bible. It is not a moral book. Moral works do not tell people to smash a child’s head into rocks or take no mercy and kill everyone with a sword. This is not a book to turn to if you want morality. It’s the opposite as it teaches hatred, sexism and bigotry. It condones slavery, says women are inferior and even says the planet is flat. In other words and in my humble opinion, the bible is full of shit…



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