Billboard Response #5


All right, this is one response I’ve been looking forward to responding to: these quotes don’t count cause that’s the old testament. We only follow the new testament! This is a very common response to quotes such as the ones posted on the billboards. I’ve heard someone try to use this argument during debates as well.

So allow me to start my retort by asking two simple questions:

1) Do you believe in and follow the ten commandments?

2) Do you think homosexuality is a sin and use Leviticus to condone your blatant homophobic behavior?

If your answer is yes to either or both of these questions, wanna ponder a guess which testament they both come from? If you said old, cookies for you because that’s the right answer!

So all those people who are holding up signs that quote the anti-gay Leviticus (which is the ONLY anti-gay quote in both books) are quoting the Old Testament. All those signs with the 10 Commandments, and the rocks with each commandment engraved into them, are also quoting the Old Testament. So these people are either big supporters of the Old Testament or didn’t read either Testament to realize which book the commandments are in.

A good percentage of Christians (I’ll try to find the exact number) actually believe both testaments are the word of God… despite the obvious contractions between the two. This is why the entire argument about old versus new testaments don’t hold water. If people are carrying around signs that quote Leviticus and continue to fight for keeping the commandments in schools and court houses, that is support of the old testament, which is where all those quotes on the billboards come from.

Nice try, but thanks for playing.




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