Another Billboard Response Regarding Context…


Is there any context that would make condoning slavery better?

No, there isn’t.

Nor is there context that would make rape and only paying a small fine as the only punishment any better either. There is no context that would condone murder, genocide, infanticide and displaying bodies to instill fear. There is no context that would any of those quotes look better… none what so ever.

Then we have people saying they don’t follow the old testament… which clearly isn’t true. When we see people protesting gay marriage and fight to have religious passages put into schools and courthouses… they are all defending the old testament, not the new. So if you’re trying to tell use that Jesus’ love disqualified everything from the old testament,.. why is Leviticus still being used to push hate and discrimination towards homosexuals? Why does the church and even the Vatican still use Leviticus to condemn same sex marriage as well?

As for Jesus and the new testament overruling the old testament… that’s a load of bullshit. Those in who follow the 10 commandments or use Leviticus to push their protest of gay marriage, they are quote the old testament… not the new. But if you guys really want a quote from the new testament, here’s one for you:

“Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.”

This little gem from Mathew, 5:17 is directly quoting Jesus. This is straight from the mouth of the guy who you allege shows ‘true love’. Jesus allegedly made this statement during his sermon on the mount, which a friend of mine likes to call Jesus’ stairway to heaven.

So what exactly is Jesus saying here? He’s telling people that he is not there to abolish the law of the prophets (old testament) but there to fulfill them. In other words… Jesus is telling his followers to not abolish the law of the prophets, which means you’re still supposed to follow them.

So to all those people who think that the new testament makes the old testament obsolete: no where in the New Testament does Jesus tell you to ignore the old testament… quite the opposite actually.


PS: Timothy, the second billboard, is from the New Testament, not the old. So not all the billboard quotes are from the same book.


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