Evidence… do you have any?


This is the question I like to ask the believers.It’s a trap I like to set out for them because I already know the answer; they don’t have any.

If any religion had any evidence to back up what they claim, their followers wouldn’t be asked to have faith, would they? Faith by it’s very definition is being asked to believe something that is unproven.

Not a single religion has any evidence to back up their wild claims. To make things more interesting, most of their ‘stories’ are lifted (aka plagiarized) from other religious stories that were written hundreds of years before them. So not only are religions like Christianity and Islam false, they’re not even original.

Until someone can provide any evidence to counteract the museums that are full of artifacts and fossils that prove the history of evolution that goes back hundreds of thousands of years, we have no reason to take them seriously.

My son doesn’t think dinosaurs once exited on earth, he knows it. The reason why is because I took him a museum and we spent a whole day looking at fossils and the skeletons of the large lizards that used to roam the planet hundreds of millions of years ago. The day I took Ethan to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto was quite an event. My little guy had a lot of fun checking out artifacts and fossils with his own eyes. Learning about the history of our world that actually did happen.



So when my little guy talks about dinosaurs, he does so with complete confidence. He’s seen the evidence and is aware that at one time on Earth (a very, very long time ago) these large lizards roamed the Earth. Some ate plants, others ate other lizards. Yet if someone tried to tell my son that the planet is only 6000 years old, he would call you out for that cause he knows there is evidence that contradicts this claim. He’s seen it with his own eyes.

And like myself, my son will not believe anything religion has to offer until they can at least provide some hard evidence to back up their claims. If we can unearth fossils from millions of years ago… you’d think they could find something that’s a meager 6000 years old, right?

Apparently not and the reason why is quite simple: their stories are all fabrications. The events they claim never happened and the characters never existed, ever.

If you think otherwise, I only have one thing to say: prove it.



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