Leo Major: Canadian Badass


Those three sentences don’t do Leo Major justice…

Those 93 Germans he captured? That was in one battle. He was offered a Distinguished Service Cross (roughly equivalent to a Medal of Honor), but declined it because he considered the officer who’d be awarding it incompetent. He later received one for liberating Zwolle and got a bar for it when he and his men held a hill against 14,000 Chinese for 3 days in the Korean War.

He was in Zwolle doing reconnaissance with another soldier, when that soldier was spotted and killed. Major got so pissed that he went and liberated the city himself, even though the Canadian army was just outside and preparing to invade. He ran through the streets, shouting, firing his gun in the air, and throwing grenades, to make the Germans think that the Canadian army was invading. He captured a bunch of German soldiers in the city (80+), and won a firefight against eight SS officers, killing half of them and forcing the rest to flee. He also burned down the Gestapo HQ. This was just two months after breaking a lot of bones when a vehicle he was in ran over a landmine.

The blind eye? He got that after killing four soldiers who were part of an SS patrol. One ignited a phosphorus grenade before dying. He didn’t let the ruined eye stop him from being a sniper, because he only needed one eye to use the scope on his weapon.

Leo Major died in 2008. Zwolle named a street after him.

I don’t know about you… but this would be an unbelievable movie and it should be directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The moral of the story is that Canada is not a country you want to fuck with.



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