Nothing is above scrutiny… not even religion.


To question Islam for being sexist, racist, homophobic and just outright discriminating to everyone is not racist… it’s being a responsible human being. Lashing someone 50 times a day just for being an atheist is not right. Forcing women to cover their heads and not allow them to speak is sexist and degrading. Executing people for loving someone you don’t approve of is evil and it’s not racist to point out these injustices.



Sam Harris was right when he called Islam the mother of all bad ideas. This is by far the most dangerous religion on the planet right now. It calls for the execution of people who leave their faith. It calls for you to kill someone who doesn’t convert after three failed attempts. The Quaran also states that there will never be peace on ear until the entire planet is converted to Islam. To point out how evil that is is not Islamiphobia… not when the accusations are true.

According to surveys that have been taking by accredited sources, close to 60-70 percent of all Muslims polled agree with the Quaran and think that people who leave Islam should be executed. That women should be covered and given no rights and that people should be killed for being gay. That is not a small extremist group, that is the majority of Muslims surveyed around the world.

I hear a lot of people insist that we should have a respect for all religions… but in this case I flat out refuse. There’s no reason why I should have any respect for a religion that thinks I should be lashed or executed for being an atheist. Respect is a two way street. Until Islam becomes more tolerant of Atheists, Women and Homosexuals… I have no reason to tolerate Islam.

The same goes for free speech, something Islam is very much against. The right to question, criticize and even make fun of anything… including religion is a right that cannot and should not be stifled by any institution. Religions need to understand that without free speech, their own institution could be attacked, censored or even torn down. Free speech protects them just as much as it protects their critics. For a religion to question freedom of expression is to question the very hand that feeds you your right to preach your faith.



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