Leo Major: Canadian Badass


Those three sentences don’t do Leo Major justice…

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Read your book? Are you sure?


Pretty much sums up how I feel about their book.

A big pet peeve that drives me up the wall is the fact that most people asking me to read their book have never themselves read the whole thing. By the whole thing I mean cover to cover and not cherry picking only the good stuff.

I have read it and it has not made me a believer. Quite the contrary, reading it all has solidified my stance as a non-believer.

So like Pen Jillette said on one of his shows: go ahead and read the bible because we need more atheists and nothing will get you there faster than reading the damn bible.


Disprove what has not been proven?


This is one of my favorite memes. This is a point I haven’t hesitated to toss out into a debate on more than one occasion. It’s not our job to disprove something that has yet to be proven in the first place.

The burden of proof is on those who believe God exists, not the skeptics. If you claim that God exists, then it’s your job to prove it. So far no one has been successful as of this date… and I’m very doubtful anyone ever will be.


Evidence… do you have any?


This is the question I like to ask the believers.It’s a trap I like to set out for them because I already know the answer; they don’t have any.

If any religion had any evidence to back up what they claim, their followers wouldn’t be asked to have faith, would they? Faith by it’s very definition is being asked to believe something that is unproven.

Not a single religion has any evidence to back up their wild claims. To make things more interesting, most of their ‘stories’ are lifted (aka plagiarized) from other religious stories that were written hundreds of years before them. So not only are religions like Christianity and Islam false, they’re not even original.

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A great quote about God, or lack there of…


I was watching the Atheist Experience broadcast when this line was first spoken and it still rings true for me today.

If I could save a child from being raped, I would do it. If I could stop this brutal and inhumane act from occurring, I would step in immediately.

But the God everyone worships doesn’t stop children from being raped, which means your God is either:

A) A coward

B) Approves of children being raped

C) Doesn’t care

D) Doesn’t exist.

Which do you think is the right answer?


Poem: To Be Alone


I wrote this poem almost nineteen years ago.

1996 was pretty much the summer of poetry for me. I wrote over 200 poems over the span of three months. Most of them were shit, but there are a few like this one that stood out. I put in the picture of the fox so it wouldn’t depress you guys too much.

Have a good week,