Dubia: Built on the back of Slaves

These pictures may look majestic to you, but they disgust me. Dubai is a modern day pyramid… built on the backs of slaves.

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PMO needs to get Hooked on Phonics

This in an invitation that was sent out by the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) that is clearly embarrassing to all Canadians. From the missing apostrophe to the misspelling of British Columbia, as if we needed another reason to kick the current PM and his people to the curb…


Dear Indiana…

This picture sums up everything I feel about Indiana and their homophobic laws. It’s no different than not allowing black people to sit and eat food. It’s discrimination and you can’t use your religion as a shield to hide behind.

This is going to be tossed by the Supremes… and hopefully when that happens it will wipe out the other states that passed similar laws as dumb as this one.


Is you for real?

Yes, Mohammad fucked a nine year old. That makes him a child molester in my books. I refuse to acknowledge a religion that says raping children is okay.

Whenever someone brings up this little timbit, Muslims become very nervous and do whatever they can to change the subject. They’re ashamed of their own prophet for his immoral actions but even more afraid that if they say anything about it that the extremists in their religion will harm or kill them.

That is not faith… it’s fear and oppression.