Nothing is above scrutiny… not even religion.


To question Islam for being sexist, racist, homophobic and just outright discriminating to everyone is not racist… it’s being a responsible human being. Lashing someone 50 times a day just for being an atheist is not right. Forcing women to cover their heads and not allow them to speak is sexist and degrading. Executing people for loving someone you don’t approve of is evil and it’s not racist to point out these injustices.


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They’re right. You’re wrong.


It’s hard to argue with this guys because they bring something to the table that no one else does… evidence. They have tons of it and the so called believers have none. Zero. Zippo. Ziltch.Natta. Squat.

If there was a single scrap of evidence that proved any of the above people wrong, then religion wouldn’t need to depend on faith. By definition, faith is believing in something in the absence of evidence. That is why I reject all religions, there is no evidence.

Until someone provides any evidence, this picture is accurate: they’re right and you are wrong.


Read your book? Already have…


The problem isn’t that we haven’t read your book… we have. I know more about it than the people who claim to believe it. I’ve also read the Torah as well as parts of the Quaran. Reading them didn’t push me into becoming religious, it only convinced me that being an Atheist was the correct choice.


Atheist Billboards, reposted.

I never get tired of reposting this. Every quote you see above are actual texts from the Bible itself. These are just a few examples of the gruesome stuff your pastor never tells you about.


Nothing says all loving and all good like killing children…

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Women are not objects, stop covering them!


This picture completely disgusts me.

Men put tarps over all sorts of thing they consider to be their property… but one of these pictures doesn’t belong here.

This is one of many examples of how women are treated by religion as lesser than men. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women are not property; they are people. People who should be respected as equal individuals.