Coming back now…

The eye is doing much, much better and after seeing an eye specialist about six times over the last three weeks… the inflammation is finally going away.

I’ve managed to do a few more things this week, like write a few stories… work on a few ghost writing projects, catch up on some shows.

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Monday School: Back to the Basics about the Bible…

It’s Monday! It’s Monday!

Time once again for Monday School; your weekly helping of “The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!”

Today I’ve decided to go back to the basics. This is an older (much older lesson) with a few comments from yours truly tossed in for good measure. So here we go with today’s lesson: Is The Bible A Worthy Means For A Real God?

I happen to live in Canada, right next to our evangelical neighbours. Many Americans (and quite a few Canadians too) seem to overwhelmingly believe that the bible is a means to God. They believe without question and willing chose to convey His most important laws throughout their lives as set requirements for getting into an alleged paradise called heaven in the afterlife.

I am one of many around the world who finds this malarkey extremely difficult to believe.

So with that in mind, please consider the following concerning the bible:

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