An accurate comparison…

This statement is quite accurate… it’s not possible for us to respect someone who hates us and would prefer to see us dead.



A great quote about God, or lack there of…


I was watching the Atheist Experience broadcast when this line was first spoken and it still rings true for me today.

If I could save a child from being raped, I would do it. If I could stop this brutal and inhumane act from occurring, I would step in immediately.

But the God everyone worships doesn’t stop children from being raped, which means your God is either:

A) A coward

B) Approves of children being raped

C) Doesn’t care

D) Doesn’t exist.

Which do you think is the right answer?


Billboard Response #6: The New Testament


Just to correct you, one of the billboards is quoting the new testament. And the new testament didn’t void the old one. Jesus is quoted in Matthew (during his sermon on the mount) as saying:

“Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.”

That is Jesus himself in the new testament telling everyone to follow the laws of the old testament, not ignore it.

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Another Billboard Response Regarding Context…


Is there any context that would make condoning slavery better?

No, there isn’t.

Nor is there context that would make rape and only paying a small fine as the only punishment any better either. There is no context that would condone murder, genocide, infanticide and displaying bodies to instill fear. There is no context that would any of those quotes look better… none what so ever.

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Just read your book?


I have read it.

I studied it and various other religious books in University (I have a BA in English Language and Literature). I had enough credits in Religious studies to make it my minor. Reading them is what made me the Atheist I am today because education is in fact the number one cause of Atheism.

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Why bother? This is your answer…


In case you can’t read it, here is an interesting response to the billboard entry:

“WHAT THE FUCK! I’m so angry & completely considering my religion after reading these & looking up in the bible if it was true, and it is! This is terrible, this is not right, this isn’t how humans should be brainwashed to act, I can’t believe this, I’m so angry.”

I’ve been asked often: why bother? Honestly… one good answer is to inform other atheists, often those in hiding (or in the closet) that they are not alone and others out there think the same way they do.

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Billboard Response #5


All right, this is one response I’ve been looking forward to responding to: these quotes don’t count cause that’s the old testament. We only follow the new testament! This is a very common response to quotes such as the ones posted on the billboards. I’ve heard someone try to use this argument during debates as well.

So allow me to start my retort by asking two simple questions:

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