The birthday weekend that was…

I had a very, very busy weekend and I’m only now getting down to talk about it. This past Monday was my 38th birthday, and usually the big day always passed without much hoopla and I really didn’t mind. I always saved money for the kids and their visits rather than go out and do something, but this year was very different. Much to my surprise, I got a lot of attention this year and it was nice to celebrate this time out.

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Rain, Birthdays and the Philharmonic Orchestra

I have Ethan this weekend and this should be a very fascinating if not very enjoyable two days with my boy. This morning my brother and his fiance came over for a birthday breakfast. Chris has to work at noon so this was the only time he could come over, so we made eggs, bacon and pancakes and then opened gifts afterwards. Ethan’s birthday was last week, but we held off until today to celebrate. Ethan enjoyed this unique celebration… but of course everything is better with bacon, even a birthday party.

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Ethan’s first decade…

Today my oldest son turned ten years old. A full decade! Where did the time go?

It only feels like yesterday that I took Leah to the hospital two days before our scheduled c-section to deliver our first son on a Sunday morning. The night before Leah and I had went out to do dinner and a movie, knowing it would be a while before we could do that again. The next morning, her water broke and we were in two days early.

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Happy Birthday, Jackass!

Today is the 23rd of March, and in my family this is usually a big day for us. It was on this day in 1977 that my youngest brother was born. Matthew turns 36 today and the bad news is I will not be celebrating the day with him. Despite my best efforts, my youngest brother and I are not on good terms. I haven’t even spoken with him in months, despite the fact that we pretty much live less than a three minute drive from one another. It’s a shame but one of many indicators that things are not well between us.

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