I’m so disappointed, Frank.


Frank, Frank, Frank… you were doing so well.

Then you pissed all over Free Speech.

Fuck you, Frank.



Swap Force day!

Today is Sunday, but as Ethan called it when he woke up today… it’s Swap Force Day! After waiting several months since Activision made the big announcement, today is release day for the new Skylanders game, Swap Force. As a belated birthday gift since I didn’t get him too much on his big day, I used an extra few bucks I scrounged together and I got him a starter kit for the new game.

So after a very long wait, Ethan and I went down to EB Games at my local mall to pick up the new game the moment the store opened at 10am.

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Mint in case? Not anymore…

I had Ethan for a full week and it was a lot of fun having the little guy for that long. I really think he had a lot of fun as well. We hit fan expo, hung out with my brother Chris a few times. In all it was a fun seven days so it was sad to see the little guy go home when the week was over. He was well behaved most of the time and even his moments when he had them were very minor. He’s only been gone a day and I miss the little bugger already.

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It’s been a while

Fighting a self inflicted inflammation is a royal pain in the ass… or eye that is. My first Iritis attack in over six years has proven to be such a pain, a royal one at that, and for that reason use of the internet during that time has been very limited. I haven’t written anything in over a week, especially on this diary and I’ve been suffering from OD withdrawal. While I am not fully recovered, my light sensitivity is improving and I’m able to function in front of a monitor again.

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One kid turns into two…

Turns out Jon is recovering very well from his surgery to the point where he’s back to doing what he does best… drive his mother up the wall. He’s been doing it do well, that Leah called me up this morning and asked if I could take Jon as well for the next few days.

I said that wouldn’t be a problem, as I would be happy to take them both for as much time as I could. I’m just happy Jon is doing well enough to the point where he can come over. I’m so proud of how well Jon handled his surgery and like I said, I’m glad he’s well enough to drop by.

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