Read your book? Already have…


The problem isn’t that we haven’t read your book… we have. I know more about it than the people who claim to believe it. I’ve also read the Torah as well as parts of the Quaran. Reading them didn’t push me into becoming religious, it only convinced me that being an Atheist was the correct choice.



Fan Expo 2014: Day One

Fan Expo 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the second Expo I attended by but it was also the first convention that I attended as a vendor/artist. I’ve been writing comic books for River Comics since January of this year, hence why I’ve been so busy lately and they bought a table as well as advertising to push our first issue of Ash Man. So as the writer of the comic book, it was an honor for me to attend the festival. Here are some pictures from this year’s first day at Fan Expo:

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A long, overdue update on a few things…

I will first apologize for not posting in almost a month. I have been busy writing comic books (yeah, sounds cool every time I say it) and for the last two weeks I have been sicker than a dog. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and I’ve been hacking, snorting and all that gross stuff. I’m feeling much better now but am still very sore and tired from the ordeal.

Speaking about my health… I saw a specialist earlier this week to discuss the ongoing battle of the bulge, aka the battle with my weight. I’m down 2 lbs from my last visit but because of my current weight, weak joints and very high blood pressure… the specialist asked me to consider surgery. The want to do what’s called a ‘Gastric Sleeve’; a surgical procedure in which the stomach is reduced to about 25% of its original size, by surgical removal of a large portion of the stomach along the greater curvature. The result is a sleeve or tube like structure.

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