Terrible hospitality is the problem, not cell phones

I’ve got to get this one off my chest cause every time I see a friend repost this ridiculous and most likely false story, it upsets me.

The story I’m referring to is a posting that was placed on Craig’s List by an anonymous worker from a ‘New York restaurant’ that claims cell phones are the reason why wait times and service is slow at all restaurants. It’s the new technology and the rude people who use them all the time that’s responsible for poor service, never the innocent wait staff.

First off, I’ve watched enough episodes of Mystery Diners to know that the staff isn’t always as innocent as this poster would like us to believe. Watch a half a dozen episodes of that show and you’ll never want to step food in any fine dining establishment ever again. Yet I’ve watched every episode and I still do go out to eat. Why? Because I don’t assume that every single person working in the food industry is as bad as the people I watched on TV. I don’t sweep every restaurant worker with the same brush. I don’t make sweeping generalizations of people like the person who posted this chicken shit anonymous critique on Craig’s List.

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The birthday weekend that was…

I had a very, very busy weekend and I’m only now getting down to talk about it. This past Monday was my 38th birthday, and usually the big day always passed without much hoopla and I really didn’t mind. I always saved money for the kids and their visits rather than go out and do something, but this year was very different. Much to my surprise, I got a lot of attention this year and it was nice to celebrate this time out.

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Another great weekend with my boys!

I had another great weekend with Ethan and Jonathan… and they were very well behaved despite the fact that pool wasn’t open yet. It needed a bit of a cleaning before I could authorize any jumping in. I also want to get some new water wings for Jon to help him stay above in case he’s still not tall enough, but I’m working on that.

Here is something fun I’ve been doing with the boys, I’ve been using the pillsbury croissant mix and rolling them with hotdogs and cheese to make pigs in a blanket. Jon wasn’t too fond of them, but Ethan ate half of the batch I made. Check them out:

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