Crossing the border…

I’ve been invited to a wedding. My cousin (also named Peter) is getting hitched, so I’m making the trek to the state of New York to witness him take the plunge. He’s found himself a keeper so despite my history with marriage, I do wish him and his lovely bride all the best.

Now, my family can be a bit finicky… meaning that not everyone likes everyone all the time. There are a few that don’t like me very much at the moment, so to prevent my cousin’s big day from turning into Wrestlemania, I’ve promised to stay away from what is likely going to be a free bar. Doesn’t seem fair, but I might sneak a small glass of champagne if I can. No hard stuff…

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The birthday weekend that was…

I had a very, very busy weekend and I’m only now getting down to talk about it. This past Monday was my 38th birthday, and usually the big day always passed without much hoopla and I really didn’t mind. I always saved money for the kids and their visits rather than go out and do something, but this year was very different. Much to my surprise, I got a lot of attention this year and it was nice to celebrate this time out.

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Monday School: Atheists invade Street Fest!

It’s Monday, which means it once again time for Monday School… your ongoing weekly fix of the ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

This week’s entry is going to be a little different as I’m eager to share something fun I did yesterday. About once a month, a street in the downtown area is blocked off and people are allowed to set up tables and either sell or advocate for something during what we call here in the Hammer as ‘Street Fest’. It’s a lot of fun and this time out, I got notice that a group of Atheists were going to have a table at this fest and were looking for volunteers to sit at this table and interact with anyone who came by to talk.

Being the outgoing (and outspoken) Atheist that I am, I volunteered to watch the table for three hours, which was perfect timing as I had to drop the boys off with there mother only a few blocks away from where it was happening. I went down to the street fest and I had no trouble finding our table:

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Game Of Thrones Exhibition in Toronto (1)

I had a great time in Toronto today. My friend Patrick and I left around 10am and spend most of the day in TO, the highlight of course being the ‘Game Of Thromes’ Exhibition at the Design Exchange which is on Bay Street in downtown Toronto. The exhibit wasn’t anything huge, but it was great none the less, and of course the best part was getting your picture on the Iron Throne, which was free! No charge for anything! I guess this is all just to promote Season 3 which starts in just over 2 weeks from now.

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The March break begins!

Today Jonathan went in for dental surgery at the kids hospital. I was very concerned about this and how Jon would react after being put down and having all this dental work done while he slept. I’m happy and very proud to say that the little guy did so well with his procedure today and he’s recovering from it a million times better than any of us thought he would be. We were afraid he would freak out and try to pick at the work done, but he’s happy go lucky, doing everything as if nothing happened. We are shocked but so, so proud of the little guy.

To give Jon some space, I’m taking Ethan by himself for the March break which starts today. I’m going to keep Ethan for a full 7 days, and the whole plan was to give Jon some alone time with Mom just incase he needed some time to recover from today’s surgery. We actually booked Jon’s surgery specifically for the Friday before the march break so if he needed time off he could get it without penalty or schools getting on our back about attendence. This is the reason why I took Jon by himself last week cause I wasn’t going to get time with him this weekend and the best part is each kid gets one on one time with Dad, which is always welcome.

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