I’m so disappointed, Frank.


Frank, Frank, Frank… you were doing so well.

Then you pissed all over Free Speech.

Fuck you, Frank.



Monday School: Change comes from action, not words

After taking a week off, it’s time to come back to Monday School! Still your ongoing go to place for ‘The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Today we’re going to approach the ongoing hypocrisy of the Catholic church, especially when it comes to deal with their response to the comments being made by their new leader, Pope Frank.

A few months ago, Pope Frank made the statement that all good people will be allowed into heaven (even atheists) as long as they live a good life. It seemed like a very positive message, aimed to give everyone reason to be nice to their fellow man, but the Church was quick to correct that statement, saying that no one gets into heaven unless they accept Christ first… basically telling people that their own leader was incorrect.

There goes any question about the alleged infallibility of the Pope.

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Monday School: Pope Francis The First


Welcome back to Monday School! Your ongoing “Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense They Tried To Teach You Yesterday!”

As I am sure everyone is aware, the Vatican huddled their Cardinals all together to select a new pope to replace Eggs Benedict who was obviously tired of all the Sith jokes.

As a result, the runner up from the previous conclave, Jorge Mario Bergolio, was made the new Pope, who will know be known as Francis the first.

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Monday School: Eggs Benedict Checks Out!

Welcome to Monday School! Your badly needed fix for “The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense They Tried To Teach You Yesterday!”

Today I’m going to talk about people who can’t seem to commit to jobs they though they were ordained by God to do, and then up and quit. No, this is not an entry about Sarah Palin. Instead I am finally going to comment and post some interesting things about the recently announced retirement of one Pope ‘Eggs’ Benedict. Now I for one have found the short reign of Eggs to be challenging, contraversal and too much fun to watch walk out the door… but walking out is exactly what he’s doing.

For the first time in almost five centuries, the Pope is handing in his silk robes and golden throne. Eggs claims this is because of health issues, stating that he doesn’t have what it takes to keep leading the church into the 21st Century. Apparently praying for strength like the previous Popes did isn’t enough for Eggs to want to keep his lucritive deal. You’d think the private plane, gold trinkets and killer medical benefits would do it too. Apparently not, Eggs wants out.

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Monday School: Religion and guns…


It’s Monday! Time once again for Monday School, STILL “The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense They Tried To Teach You Yesterday!”

Today’s lesson is going to be a bit of a review cause I’m coming back to an issue I’ve discussed a few times already. I’ve already dedicated a few entries to the issue of gun control. Today I’m going to do a quick recap of those entries and provide some new information where religion is concerned regarding the topic.

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