Genocide as a learning experience? Seriously?


This is something I always found rather confusing. The story of an all knowing God getting upset about something that he/she/it should have seen coming and did nothing to change it. One of many questions I have concerning this story.

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Religious assumptions about non-beleivers


Oh, man… where do I start with this one?

1) Atheists don’t hate Jesus because he doesn’t exist. It’s like accusing someone of hating Santa or Bigfoot.

2) Atheists are rude? Are we the ones taking rights away from other citizens or killing people for disagreeing with us?

3) Inject pot? I don’t even do it and even I know you smoke it.

4) We can’t obey Satan, cause he doesn’t exist. Refer to #1.

The funniest part is the Christian side is just as ridiculous. It’s this kind of propaganda that fuels the hatred between both sides.


Terrible hospitality is the problem, not cell phones

I’ve got to get this one off my chest cause every time I see a friend repost this ridiculous and most likely false story, it upsets me.

The story I’m referring to is a posting that was placed on Craig’s List by an anonymous worker from a ‘New York restaurant’ that claims cell phones are the reason why wait times and service is slow at all restaurants. It’s the new technology and the rude people who use them all the time that’s responsible for poor service, never the innocent wait staff.

First off, I’ve watched enough episodes of Mystery Diners to know that the staff isn’t always as innocent as this poster would like us to believe. Watch a half a dozen episodes of that show and you’ll never want to step food in any fine dining establishment ever again. Yet I’ve watched every episode and I still do go out to eat. Why? Because I don’t assume that every single person working in the food industry is as bad as the people I watched on TV. I don’t sweep every restaurant worker with the same brush. I don’t make sweeping generalizations of people like the person who posted this chicken shit anonymous critique on Craig’s List.

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Monday School: Quebec’s Controversial Charter of Values

Its Monday, which means it’s time for Monday School! Your ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Not only is Monday School back but today I am bringing a very hot topic to the table. I expect to see some harsh notes from this entry but I expect that every time I post an entry about religion. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m curious to see which way it goes today.

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This is what universal health care looks like!

Today I had to go to the clinic to see a doctor. When Jonathan visited last weekend, he had a cough. Nothing too serious… as a matter of fact he’s already gotten over it. But my little man loves to share so he passed that cough onto me and unlike him, my health has gotten worse as the week progressed. So I went to the clinic to get checked out just to make sure it was nothing serious.

So I arrived at the clinic, Ontario health card in hand and there was no line to get to the counter. She took my card, verified information and asked me to sign a form. I spoke to her for about a minute or two and then was immediately shown to a room to wait for the doctor. Yeah, I didn’t wait a single minute in the main waiting room. None.

I sat there for a few minutes, about ten of them texting some friends and family who were concerned and then the doctor arrived. He took a look and about ten minutes later broke the news to me: I have strep throat and bronchitis. Fuck me.

The Doc write me up a prescription for pills and two puffers and said if I followed instructions, I’d be better in no time. I picked the drugs up at my local pharmacy on the way home, took my meds, had a cup of tea and then went to bed.

Would you like to know how much it cost for the appointment and the drugs I was prescribed? Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. Zero. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Universal Health Care looks like.

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Why 46% Of Americans Suspect 9/11 Was An “Inside Job”

On this 12th Anniversary of what a lot of people (including myself) believe was an inside job, I am literally dumbfounded by people who are still drinking the kool aid that was served up the by the Bush administration all those years ago. I hope that one day the smoking gun evidence will eventually be found or someone will blow the whistle… cause that is what it is likely going to take for a lot of people to wake up and realize what really happened that day.

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Conservative hypocrisy on drones and wiretaps

When the Bush Administration asked for a blank cheque to fight the ‘war on terror’, I spoke up about it. I thought it was wrong to give any President a blank cheque on anything, let alone to wage war on something. The same can be said for when the it was learned that the Bush Administration got permission to listen in on their own citizens without warrant, once again to combat terrorists. I had a really huge problem with this, especially since it was known that over 99% of most warrants are signed off on. There was no reason not to get a warrant to cover your ass… and for me, that was the real red flag. The same can be said for the Patriot Act, which should have never been passed in the first place.

When all these things were going on during the Bush Administration, Conservatives had no problem with any of them what so ever. Those who questioned the actions of the Bush Administration were accused of being unpatriotic or even for the terrorists. When I posted entries (even here on OD) in protest of all these measures, there was one thing I stated that no on paid attention to: by letting George W. Bush and his people do this now, you’re giving permission to future Presidents to do the exact same thing. I tried to warn people that they were not just writing a blank cheque for this President, but for every President that comes after him. This warning fell on deaf ears.

Those same Conservatives griping about Obama’s drone attacks today are the same hypocrites that didn’t have a problem with George W. Bush waging war on a country that had no WMDs nor had anything to do with 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead in Iraq, but a few innocents are killed by drones and Conservatives foam at the mouth.

The same goes for this bullshit about the embassy in Lybia. During the 8 years of the Bush Administration, there have been over a dozen attacks on US embassies that resulted in over 50 Americans being killed. But just four Americans die in Lybia and suddenly Conservatives want an investigation and people to answer for themselves. Where was this concern about embassy security when 50 people died under Bush’s watch?

Do I like the fact that Obama is conducting too many drone attacks? No I don’t, but President Obama doing it under the authority of Congress. Obama is allowed to do what he wants because Congress approved these actions to fight the war on terror. Opps. That blank cheque to wage war on terror didn’t expire when Bush left office, it’s ongoing and will be used by every President to get elected until Congress brings it to an end. Since the Democrats hold power in the Senate, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Do you guys think I like the fact that Obama has not stopped the warrantless wiretaps that was started by Bush? Of course not, I was hoping he’d bring that to an end. I also disapproved of them when Bush first started approving of the practice. When Obama was elected, he made no such promise to stop the warrantless wiretaps, so the fact that he’s using it is not surprising. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Those who were a-okay with all this stuff but all of a sudden are not cool with it now that the other party is controlling the White House … it’s clear to see they’re finally showing their true colours. Those same hypocritical Conservatives were just fine with these laws as long as the people they liked were the ones abusing them. The truth is if you really didn’t approve of these things, you should have protested them from the start when George W. Bush and the Republicans rammed them down your throat post 9/11.

If Obama tried to pass something outrageous tomorrow… I would be against it. Not because I don’t like Obama, but because I don’t want the next President (whether it be Chris Christie, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton) to have those new powers at their fingertips come 2016. Conservatives are whining now because they didn’t think forward to what the next President might use those powers. They also didn’t consider the fact that the next President was going to be a Democrat.

So do I approve of countless drone strikes and warrantless wiretaps? Of course not, but I’ve been against these things for quite some time. Those who are only upset about it now because it’s Obama doing it are the real hypocrites, because they had no problems with it when a white Republican was doing the same thing several years ago.

So the real question I have for Conservatives who are finally up in arms about all this stuff now: what are you really mad about?