A great quote about God, or lack there of…


I was watching the Atheist Experience broadcast when this line was first spoken and it still rings true for me today.

If I could save a child from being raped, I would do it. If I could stop this brutal and inhumane act from occurring, I would step in immediately.

But the God everyone worships doesn’t stop children from being raped, which means your God is either:

A) A coward

B) Approves of children being raped

C) Doesn’t care

D) Doesn’t exist.

Which do you think is the right answer?



Please don’t be that girl…

This entry could get me into some hot water, but so be it.

I really don’t want to lecture people about the ‘boy who cried wolf’ but we are having some serious problem with ‘the girl who cried rape’… something that is become more common to the point where women are being charged and convicted for filing false reports.

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