Billboard Response #1


This is an interesting twist on the billboard post but I don’t think this Christian is getting the point. The point of the billboards is not to cherry pick but to expose Christians as the real cherry pickers. They do not hesitate to condemn homosexuality because their bible tells them so but the exact same book (Leviticus) also outlaws pork, shell fish, tattoos, gossiping and hundreds of other things this young lady and the majority of Christians choose to ignore.

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My thoughts on ‘The Time of the Doctor’

I watched this year’s Xmas special with great interest, and while many are whining about it… I was quite pleased with Matt Smith’s final episode as the Doctor.


So here is my first impressions of ‘The Time of the Doctor’…


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Swap Force day!

Today is Sunday, but as Ethan called it when he woke up today… it’s Swap Force Day! After waiting several months since Activision made the big announcement, today is release day for the new Skylanders game, Swap Force. As a belated birthday gift since I didn’t get him too much on his big day, I used an extra few bucks I scrounged together and I got him a starter kit for the new game.

So after a very long wait, Ethan and I went down to EB Games at my local mall to pick up the new game the moment the store opened at 10am.

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Monday School: Is it finally time to tax the Churches?

It’s Monday! It’s Monday! It’s time once again for Monday School! Another installment of the ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!

This week, I’m going to tackle an interesting question: Do the Churches as we see them today function as a charity or a business?

This subject came to me because of an event I was invited to last weekend but was unable to attend. Various atheists in the city were invited to attend a conversation that was to take place at an RC Church between their people and some non-believers. The purpose of the event was according to the organizers was to ‘foster mutual understanding and friendship among believers and non-believers through conversation, music and a social gathering’.

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Monday School: Crazy things that are actually in the Bible!

All the kiddies are back in school… so it’s time for us to crack the books again as well. It’s time once again for Monday School! More of that ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Today is going to be like show and tell. And entry where we’ll review something I am sure that a lot of Atheists are aware of, but shockingly enough… not many Christians are. People continuously ask myself and countless other Atheists to read the bible. That reading this book will explain everything to us and show us the way.

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