Outspoken: Confessions of a Devout Atheist


To be honest, I was hesitant to post this but it’s a special time for me.

January past marked two years since I released my first non-fiction book. While I love writing novels, I enjoyed writing non-fiction as well and it’s not surprising that my first non-fiction book was about Atheism.

The first picture above is the cover of my Atheist book titled Outspoken: Confessions of a Devout Atheist and while it hasn’t been a big bestseller, it has been selling copies all over the world and the feedback I’ve gotten has been positive. I’m very proud of this book, and the thought that it has provoked around the world.

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Writing, Writing and more Writing: A Quick Update

Been a few weeks again since my last posting but it will take a while to get back into the swing of things for me. I’ve been very busy as of late. When I’m not working on an overdue projects, I’m either with the kids or at a doctor’s appointment for one thing or another. This leaves very little me time but I manage to get around that.

Last Thursday, I managed to catch the pre-opening day screening of ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ and it was quite good. A little predictable here and there but still fun to watch. It was well written and showed quite a story line to show the fall of man and the rise of the apes. It will be interesting to see where they go with the next film.

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An update about the Wedding, Comics and a Suspension

It’s been a very interesting week, so I’ll get right to it.

Last week’s wedding went without a hitch. No one brawled and were well behaved, which made it a special night for the bride and groom. Poor seating choices almost caused chaos but cooler heads prevailed and the wedding was much more than I thought it would be. The food was great, the tent turned out to be a pavilion of some sort and the service was a short and very sweet twenty minutes.

I had a good time crossing the border for the wedding. It allowed me to do a little US shopping before heading back to the great white north. I spent most of my money on groceries for myself and the boys… treats we can’t get at our stores that the kids will enjoy. I had so much fun shopping, I’m gonna have to get Chris to rent a car so we can do it again… especially when I have more money to burn away.

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Hamlet and Ghost Writing…

I did my audition on Friday and while I thought it went well, I didn’t get cast. I got the email this morning but as much as I would have loved to do this project, part of me is thankful I didn’t get it. When I went in for the audition, I realized that this had a huge rehearsal schedule for over two months. The idea of busing into Toronto every day for weeks and months on end was insane, and expensive. There’s no way I could have done that and I think my availability was another reason they were not comfortable with casting me. For that reason, I understand. It was still great experience to go out and read for it.

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