Up late tonight

I’m having trouble getting to sleep tonight. I watched ‘The Conjuring’ after Ethan went to bed, and I don’t think watching this movie after nightfall was such a good idea. I personally don’t believe in ghosts but this movie is so well made that it genuinely freaked me out. It’s a great horror movie, but I don’t recommend watching it alone. One moment that scared the crap out of me was that Ethan had trouble sleeping and stood out by the door, looking at me and I didn’t realize he was there until I looked over and it scared the complete crap out of me.

Little bugger…

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More pictures from Fan Expo

I had a really great with Ethan and my friends at Fan Expo. Ethan had such a good time that he’s already talking about going next year.

My brother also took some pictures and here are a few I wanted to share with you:

(Ethan and I posing with some Stormtroopers…)

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Ethan at Fan Expo 2013

I’ll write a more detailed entry later but this is in a nutshell what Ethan and I along with my friend Patrick and my brother Chris did yesterday at Fan Expo:

– Arrived in Toronto at 9am.

– Had to get into a decent line to redeem a coupon for Ethan

– Got into Fan Expo @ 10am

– Spent the better part of two hours touring the floor, checking out a lot of cool stuff.

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Monday School: Atheist parents win a big court battle

After a few weeks of technical difficulties… it’s time once again for Monday School! The ongoing ‘Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense You Learned Yesterday!’

Today’s lesson is a very interesting one, basically because it extends to the idea of equal rights. If you give one person a right to do something, you pretty much have to grant that same right to everyone else. For example, if you allow Gideons to hand out bibles to school kids, you should allow Muslims and even Atheists the same right to do the same. Kind of a no brainer, right?

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The week that was… kind of

It’s been seven days since I posted an entry here on OD but I’m not upset about it. After a long overdue maintenance, the site is humming along very nicely and is tip top for the first time in like… forever.

The last several days have been quite interesting. I took Jon last Friday because the program he works with is shut down for two weeks. Leah watched him last week and it was my turn this week. Jon and I have had a very peaceful, easygoing week.

For some reason Jon has been easier to deal with when it’s one on one. I guess not having to fight with his older brother for computer time makes for a more peaceful atmosphere. I’ve taken the little guy swimming in the pool, to the water park for some fun with other kids. It’s been a pretty fun time with the little guy.

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