Dear Indiana…

This picture sums up everything I feel about Indiana and their homophobic laws. It’s no different than not allowing black people to sit and eat food. It’s discrimination and you can’t use your religion as a shield to hide behind.

This is going to be tossed by the Supremes… and hopefully when that happens it will wipe out the other states that passed similar laws as dumb as this one.



This is awkward…


And let’s see how many apologists will try to say this is taken out of context as well.

Let the whining begin in 3… 2… 1..


Freedom to rape children?


This is not freedom of religion, this is criminal.

This is nothing short of despicable.

This is considered a crime in my country. Just putting his arm on her shoulder like that while she’s crying is also a crime here.

Forcing children this young to marry men double if not triple their age against their will is not religious freedom. It’s human trafficking, period.

It’s a disgusting practice and is further proof how evil religion really is.


Religion advocates spousal abuse


I find it hard to believe someone when they say their religion is one of peace when their holy book gives them permission to beat their wives.

The bible is no different as all religions are sexist. They sponsor spousal abuse, rape and repeatedly order women to be silent and obedient.


In a world ruled by religion, women are second class citizens. They are only worth half a man. This is one of many reasons why I reject religion.

Women are not inferior. They are not worth half a man. I am one of many who support their right to be equal members of humanity.

And to all the men who believe and demand that the two quotes above should become the law of the land: go fuck yourself, you misogynist pigs.


Response to Lex Punk

lexpunk asked: religious freedom also doesn’t mean being an asshole to everyone who believes in God or is religious. you have absolutely no right to tell anyone what to believe/not to believe just as we have no right to tell you what to believe. so chill. (also, stop telling women that they have no business being christian or muslim. we are NOT oppressed. we are okay and we have that choice. we did not ask you.)

Oh, where to start.

First; calling me an asshole does not make what I’m saying less true. Resorting to name calling only makes you look desperate and afraid to actually debate the issue.

Second; You want to be religious? That’s okay as long as you do it on your own time, your own dime and either at home or your place of worship. But for some reason people feel the need to push for laws that show favoritism to one creed more than others or go door to door to preach their good word to the heathens. The reason why these religious people do that is because they think they are superior to everyone else because they have an imaginary friend that helps them get through their day had loves them. And women’s rights are being attacked by religious men who have no business dictating what happens between a woman and her doctor, yet you think that’s no oppression. Isn’t that cute…

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Defining Religious Freedom


Freedom of religion means you are free to practice your faith privately, not in public and in everyone else’s face. The ironic thing about this is Matthew specifically tells Christians to no worship in public… even a God that doesn’t exist thinks you should keep your faith to yourself.


A please “talk about” post…

I honestly believe the best way to get to know someone is to see how they respond to random questions.

So here goes nothing:

1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.

My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. One of the best scripts ever written in my personal opinion. I love this script so much, I could sit down on a slow day with a warm cup of team and just read it like a book. It’s that awesome…

2. Talk about your first kiss.

Her name was Shelley. We were both very young. It was a very innocent kiss as there was no tongue. She was the first person I was ever smitten with, ever. My first crush and possibly my first love. There are days when I still think about her and wonder if she still thinks about me.

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