Dear Indiana…

This picture sums up everything I feel about Indiana and their homophobic laws. It’s no different than not allowing black people to sit and eat food. It’s discrimination and you can’t use your religion as a shield to hide behind.

This is going to be tossed by the Supremes… and hopefully when that happens it will wipe out the other states that passed similar laws as dumb as this one.



They’re right. You’re wrong.


It’s hard to argue with this guys because they bring something to the table that no one else does… evidence. They have tons of it and the so called believers have none. Zero. Zippo. Ziltch.Natta. Squat.

If there was a single scrap of evidence that proved any of the above people wrong, then religion wouldn’t need to depend on faith. By definition, faith is believing in something in the absence of evidence. That is why I reject all religions, there is no evidence.

Until someone provides any evidence, this picture is accurate: they’re right and you are wrong.


Please don’t be that girl…

This entry could get me into some hot water, but so be it.

I really don’t want to lecture people about the ‘boy who cried wolf’ but we are having some serious problem with ‘the girl who cried rape’… something that is become more common to the point where women are being charged and convicted for filing false reports.

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Monday School: By the way dumbass, it’s round!

Welcome back to Monday School, still your place to get a weekly dose of “The Rational Corrective To All That Nonsense They Tried To Teach You

Today our topic is a little flat, literally: Should we be able to dismiss any holy scriptures when we know that they contradict something that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt?

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